Explorer - 1.6703

Tab Grup


Since the Explorer features a magnifying glass, we can safely assume that if Sherlock Holmes were to have a Swiss Army Knife, this is the one he'd want. All the other usual suspects are here, too: blades, corkscrew, can opener, toothpick and all the rest.

For over 125 years Victorinox has been the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife. The company, founded by cutler and businessman Karl Elsener, forged an impressive reputation over the decades for quality through perseverance and continual growth. Today, in addition to the Swiss Army Knife and cutlery, Victorinox offers timepieces, travel gear and fashionable clothing, while maintaining the commitment to excellence that put their knives in the hands of adventurers the world over.
Victorinox aims to "provide customers around the world with functional and practical high-quality products at affordable prices." Despite Victorinox's international footprint, the pioneering spirit and values of the company's founder are alive and well via the Elsener family's continued involvement with the company. In 2008 their environmentally friendly policies were honoured with an award by the Swiss Foundation for Environmental Protection.
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