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Multi-Tools Pliers can also be elegant and ergonomic. The best proof of this is the SwissTool Spirit, which combines at least 27 functions, lies excellently in the hand and weighs only 205 grams. A special feature is the specially developed Spirit blade. Unlike conventional pointed blades, the front three-quarters of the blade has a serrated edge that remains sharp longer, and the blade has already proved its use in practice, above all in the cutting of sausages and bread. The lack of a point also reduces the risk of accidents. The scissors are also useful, and are ideal for cloth, paper and finger nails, but are also able to cut plastic and thin metal foil.
1.needlenose pliers 
2.screwdriver 2mm 
3.screwdriver 3mm 
4.wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRc 
5.cap lifter 
6.screwdriver 6 mm 
7.crate opener 
8.practical Spirit combi edge blade 
10.metal file 
11.metal saw 
12.wood saw 
14.Phillips screwdriver for PH1 and PH2 
16.cable cover cutter lenghtwise 
17.wire bender 
18.wire stripper and scraper 
19.cable cover cutter circular 
20.can opener 
21.multi purpose hook 
22.coupling for corkscrew 
23.hard wire cutter 
24.lanyard hole 
25.individual springs 
26.lock release 
27.leather pouch 
529.90 RON

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